Thursday, January 17, 2008

GSC Pavilion KL

My life is kind of boring now
I have graduated, I have gotten a job
but it wont start before March.
Meaning this kind of boring life will continue until I start working again.

I went for a movie at GSC Pavilion yesterday
It was my first time there and I watched In the Name of the King
It was in Hall 3, which I believe is one of their biggest halls
but there were less than 20 people in the hall with me.
I arrived the hall quite early, and there was only one old man in the hall.
I almost felt like I have paid RM8 to rent the whole hall.
At the same time, I freaked out as well, and I left the hall.
I wanted to wait for more people,
I was thinking 'what if the old man robbed me?'
Me and my imagination, ha ha
Well, I still managed to finish watching the movie safely
So people, if you want to watch a movie quietly
Instead of watching one at GSC Time Square, you can consider Pavilion
The ticket is more expensive by RM1, but you can most probably get the seat you want!
If you have missed some movies that was released earlier, you can try your luck at GSC as well, they still show some older movies.

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