Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Chirstmas 2007

As usual, this year our church celebrated Christmas not at church but at a ballroom. This time was a bit special, the first time not at a hotel, but a club. It's really an old club, with a small stage and old sound system. Though the venue wasnt that nice, but the show must go on. This year I was in praise and worship leading with another friend, also in an act, I had no line in the act, I just need to dance and sing. The feedback was good, I think we have done our best, better than any rehearsals and all of us enjoyed it and were happy that we have given our very best. I dont know where I will be for Christmas 2008, I might be in Europe, but I will always remember the times we have shared together.

After the Christmas buffet lunch, a few friends and I went for movies. We watched 2 movies, national treasure 2 and I am legend. National treasure was nice, everything is nice, the story, the puzzles, the actors. I am legend, I would say not a bad idea, but a boring way of filming it. It is a slow and quiet movie. Anyway, it's nice to watch movies with friends.

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