Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Graduand

I have always wanted to create myself a blog, but sometimes life is just so simple and ordinary that there are nothing much to be shared of. I can hardly fall asleep these nights, there are just so much ups and downs, so much thoughts that prevent me from sleeping as my brain is always 'working'.

When I first decided to go for SAC, of course, is to pass the interview and to become a 'qualified' intern to work abroad. I was happy to learn that I have passed the interview, it was in May then. At first, it was just to take a 2 months internship abroad in summer, unfortunately, there wasn't much opportunity that I ended up taking a 3 months internship in Malaysia with Kimberly Clark. It was a great experience then, and I would never know how cheap can Kleenex, Scott, Huggies or Kotex be, without working there.

After the internship with KC, I started my job search again as I would have completed my studies in November. This time my focus is on western europe, the duration-for at least a year. In less than 2 months, I was invited to several interviews with 3 different companies. 2 companies from Germany and 1 from Switzerland. Europeans are always punctual. Well, at least that was my first impression. They apologized even for a few minutes late and always for a good reason.

Infineon was the first company that invited me for a phone interview. Gone through 3 interviews, first was quite general, second was to present the tasks that were given after my first interview, third was with the manager, to offer me a job. When she asked me 'Well, if we want to offer you the job, what do you say?' I was silent, I didn't know if I should say yes. I guess she realised I didn't know how to react, so she asked me if I needed some time to decide. I said yes and I told her I would tell her my decision the next day.

I have always imagined how it would be to work in Europe ever since I started looking for a job there. To get a job I have sent more than 200 mails, I wrote to all the LCs in northern and western europe. I did all that for a job, but when I finally got one, I was not as happy as I thought I would be. Uncertainties made me worry, leaving a place where I grow up, where I have spent 23 years, suddenly I realised it's not that easy.

The next day, I said yes. I want to give myself a chance. The earth is so big, really, if you only stand on one spot, you will never realise it's round. So one year in Germany, most probably starting in March 2008, the earliest will be in February 2008, I would like to stay for another Chinese New Year.

Moving to a new country, lots of shopping to do, which I love!! A new journey for me.

I know the skies will not always be blue, but I believe God will give me enough strength to move on.

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